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Home Prices for Portland, OR Property Going Up and Up!

If you have been watching the home prices for Portland, OR homes, you know that prices have been going up for some time now. What you may not know is that buying a home in Portland is also becoming out of reach for some people. A new report suggests that if one wanted to buy a home in San Francisco, one would need to earn more than $160,000; to buy a home in Seattle, one needs to earn more than $84,000. So, what about Portland? Here is a part of an article that answers that question:

“Portland, Or. –  It’s getting more expensive to buy a home in Portland. The Portland Tribune reports HSH.com, a New Jersey based company that keeps track of mortgage and consumer loan information, says you need to bring home at least 70-thousand to buy a median priced home here. That’s an increase of 7.5% from a year ago. Median price for a home in Portland is more than $354,000 with a monthly mortgage just over $1,600.”

Source: www.kxl.com

​When prices are this high, homeowners who want to sell need to make their homes as attractive as possible to potential buyers. One way to do that is to install EcoFusion bamboo strand woven flooring. We have developed one of the very best flooring systems on the market today at our manufacturing facility. Our bamboo flooring engineers have worked long and hard to come up with an environmentally friendly way of turning bamboo grass into very high-quality flooring that Portland  homeowners actually want and need. 

When you visit a local flooring dealer who carries our flooring systems, you will see for yourself why so many people are turning to our bamboo flooring systems. Three main benefits stand out: beauty, durability, eco-friendly. 

Like everyone investing in new flooring, Portland homeowners want flooring that is beautiful. We believe that we have produced some of the most attractive and unique flooring on the market today. And, to be honest, the best way to see just how incredible our flooring is in terms of visual appeal is to see it for yourself.

As for durability, our bamboo flooring is twice as hard as oak hardwood flooring. This means it can stand up to a lot of heavy foot traffic for years and years. This remarkable hardness is due to our special manufacturing processes that no other flooring manufacturer can match.

And, because we use the highest standards in manufacturing our bamboo flooring, our flooring systems do not contain VOC’s, formaldehyde, or any toxic components. It is truly “earth-friendly”!  

If you are searching for an incredible flooring system, we encourage you to visit the EcoFusion website where you can find a local dealer that carries our bamboo flooring systems.