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Getting Bamboo

Sustainability! It is a new buzz word among the people who are seriously looking to help shrink the carbon footprint of our generation. It is far more than a buzz word too. It is a commitment to using as many products as possible that may be replenished after harvesting the raw materials. This is done as quickly as possible to maintain an acceptable harvest-to-replenish rate that’s as close to even as possible, and to do so with minimal damage to the environment.

​In flooring, there are few, if any, materials of natural origin that can truly be called sustainable. Wood flooring can be replenished and new trees are planted to replace the trees harvested to create the product. However, they take about 30 to 50 years to grow to an acceptable size for use as a flooring product once again. 

The only flooring that can be called truly sustainable on today’s market is bamboo. In Los Angeles homes, bamboo flooring can be an answer to having the beauty and charm of wood flooring, while still feeling good about doing the right thing for our environment. Bamboo is a plant that grows from seedling to maturity in 3 to 5 years. Once harvested, it can re-grow from the same stalk as long as the root system isn’t damaged. Planting more bamboo will only yield more bamboo, and that isn’t the sustainability factor that people are looking for.

Bamboo flooring can be found in the Los Angeles area by contacting EcoFusion at www.ecofusionflooring.com  to locate a retailer near you. Bamboo flooring for your Los Angeles home will provide you with a unique look and feel in your room, while giving you all of the durability of wood. At the same time, you are helping to protect the environment by using a sustainable product.

​Bamboo comes in a variety of colors and will put you on the forefront of home design, because bamboo flooring is just starting to become a trend in Los Angeles area homes. So go get bamboo flooring and show everyone you know that you are a forward thinking individual who appreciates the beauty in your home, while also being environmentally conscious.