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Get to Know Our Superior Strandwoven Bamboo

What makes strandwoven bamboo flooring superior to other types of bamboo flooring? When it comes down to it, it’s all in the manufacturing process. While other types of bamboo flooring are formed by combining multiple wide bamboo species strips, strandwoven bamboo is made from the actual bamboo fibers. 

Instead of strips, bamboo used for strandwoven bamboo flooring is softened, then pulled apart to create the bamboo fiber strands. It is the Moso species of bamboo that is typically used for strandwoven flooring, which is considered to be the ideal species for this strandwoven product.
The Versatility of Strandwoven Bamboo Flooring
Bamboo is Strong:
One of the top advantages of using strandwoven bamboo flooring is its strength and durability. Not only is strandwoven bamboo the strongest type of bamboo flooring available on the market, it is also twice as strong as many hardwoods, such as oak or maple. Strandwoven bamboo’s incredible strength is what makes it extremely long-lasting and a perfect flooring option for busy households with floors that tend to see lots of action.

Bamboo is Eco-friendly:
Strandwoven bamboo is also incredibly environmentally friendly. Even though regular bamboo flooring uses highly renewable bamboo, it is only the strandwoven bamboo method that creates the least amount of waste. In fact, it is the most earth-friendly of the bamboo floorings, since strandwoven utilizes any excess bamboo material which is typically thrown away by other bamboo flooring methods.

Bamboo is Moisture Resistant:
Compared to other bamboo type flooring, strandwoven bamboo flooring is more moisture resistant. What does this mean for homeowners who opt for strandwoven? It means that your floor’s lifespan can last much longer, making it an altogether superior investment for your house in the long run.

Have you fallen in love with strandwoven bamboo yet? It’s no wonder strandwoven bamboo is an excellent flooring choice, not to mention that it looks gorgeous in any home! For more information on strandwoven bamboo, check out EcoFusion to find a retailer near you.