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Get the very best styles and designs from Strand Woven Bamboo flooring

bamboo flooring installation

There is no end to the amazing styles you can create with Strand Woven Bamboo. You’ll easily match a large variety of décor or create a brand new look around which you can build. Keeping floor colors neutral and simple can give you lots of freedom.

On the other hand, choosing something striking and unusual can give your home a uniqueness, not every homeowner has found. You can easily build your look, using a combination of beautiful colors, formats, and benefits.

We recently found an article that speaks to a variety of different looks you can achieve through bamboo flooring. Take a look for yourself:
“…bamboo flooring is available in smooth, antiqued, and distressed finishes. Smooth-finish bamboo flooring is manufactured and coated with layers of sealant, which results in a surface that doesn’t gather dust and can be easily cleaned. Hand-scraped and hand-sculpted bamboo flooring bring aged character underfoot, but it’s more costly than smooth-finished versions.”

Source: Ann Wilson, Better Homes & Gardens

Choose Strand Woven Bamboo for all your needs

No matter what kind of style you’re looking to create, it’s very likely you’ll find a perfect match in Strand Woven Bamboo. We offer beautiful light colors that are creamy or near-white, all the way to the darkest espresso browns and ebony blacks.

To bring those looks out, even more, you can choose from other appearance options such as brushed, hand-scraped, or matte finishes. Each one brings out a different characteristic, as do the apparent grain patterns.

But we know that looks aren’t everything. As an eco-friendly flooring company, we make sure our products are completely free of urea-formaldehyde and harmful VOCs. You should never have to worry about your family’s health because of the flooring you choose, and we make sure to help as much as possible.

Our products are also classified as rapidly renewable resources and can even be reused or recycled if you decide to switch to a different floor covering. At the same time, our products are
the most stable floor coverings in the industry.

If you’d like to experience Strand Woven Bamboo for yourself, be sure to contact your local Denver flooring retailer and ask for EcoFusion by name.