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Fire Brings About New Life as the Life Cycle Turns

No one wants to see homes and businesses destroyed by fire, which is happening right now in many places in and around Los Angeles. But, it is worth remembering that wildfires also bring about new life in the form of wildflowers and other types of flora. This cycle has been occurring since the beginning of time, and it will continue until the end of time. At EcoFusion, we respect the earth, and produce our strand woven bamboo flooring using the highest standards to help protect our environment. We noticed this story the other day concerning wild fires and thought we would share some of it with you here: 

“It’s a scenario repeated often in fire-prone California. A disastrous blaze sweeps through a mountain valley, scorching pine forest and blackening oaks. In its aftermath, ash and charcoal from the burned trees carpet the forest floor. Where branches once blocked the sun, intense bright light streams down on the shadeless slopes as plant life slowly peeks through the destruction. Winter rains wash away some of the soot and soak nutrients down into the sandy soil.”

Source: <a href=”http://www.sacbee.com/entertainment/living/home-garden/article92474207.html“>Wildfires, wildflowers are part of California’s cycle of life</a> by Debbie Arrington.

​And then, the wildflowers come up and new life begins. This is how it works in California, where fires come about so often and so suddenly. There are other ways that bring about new life, and one of those is using sustainable production methods for strand woven bamboo flooring. This is precisely what we do at EcoFusion.

When bamboo is cultivated and harvested in sustainable ways, it grows again and again and again. Our efforts to help the environment do not stop there. We continue our green-efforts throughout our manufacturing process, including recapturing our used water to avoid it being introduced into natural water systems.

For those who are looking for new strand woven bamboo flooring systems, contact us and we can direct you to a nearby retailer. We understand that not every flooring retailer stocks this type of flooring, and we want to make it easy for you to find the best in woven bamboo flooring.

Many flooring stores are now exploring how to bring our products into their inventory. They are doing this because our flooring sells. If you own a flooring outlet and would like to include our popular strand woven bamboo flooring, visit our dealer locator and contact us for more information.