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Enjoy all the style you want from Strand Woven Bamboo floors

bamboo flooring

When you’re looking for an elegant floor covering for every room in your home, it only makes sense to turn to Strand Woven Bamboo flooring. With its amazing variety of colors and formats, you’ll enjoy being able to design any way you like, in any room you like. Even better, nearly every color option available matches with a variety of different decor options, so you’ll always be in style, no matter what the trend.

We found that others are enjoying the style and design options that come with this floor covering as well. Just look at what we found in an article recently.

“Bamboo flooring is among the hardest materials – which means that it will resist well to daily wear-and-tear like shoes, pet claws and chairs… Strand-woven bamboo is particularly hard – twice as hard as regular bamboo. Strand woven bamboo also has a particular look, with more variation in the color of the grain. The two other types – horizontal and vertical – look more like traditional wood.”

Source: Anabelle Bernard Fournier, Build Direct

It doesn’t matter what style you’re trying to complement, Strand Woven Bamboo can work for you. If you’re working with the traditional style, you’ll find this flooring to be economical with a great choice of colors. For your modern decor, you’ll find the perfect colors and finishes to enhance any home. For those with styles that fall into the eclectic category, the possibilities are endless. Choose woods with a striped appearance for any room, or stain according to the shade you prefer. This material is particularly perfect for the farmhouse feel, especially with a hand-scraped finish and cherry colors.

For those eco-friendly customers, we’re happy to announce that our Strand Woven Bamboo is rated a rapidly renewable resource. It also has no VOC’s or urea-formaldehyde in the products, so they’re much safer to place inside your home. They’re durable, stable, functional, and will serve you well for up to 35-years.

To find out more about Strand Woven Bamboo by Eco-Fusion, be sure to contact your local flooring retailer. Tell them you’d like to come in and see it for yourself.