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EcoFusion provides flooring retailers with bamboo options

When you are looking for bamboo flooring, you really need to look no further than EcoFusion. Another option is the three-ply HDF strandwoven bamboo that comes in three-foot lengths, so that you will be able to handle them more easily. The locking profile that comes with this flooring not only helps to get rid of floating floor “noise”, but it also helps to seal against moisture right at the joints.
Bamboo is a very durable flooring option that has a long life span, and that is enhanced even more with the two-millimeter wear layer that comes on the back of this flooring material. You might also choose to go with the solid strandwoven bamboo that is constructed of 100% Moso bamboo. This renewable resource is a great choice that meets CARB/E0 standards, and can be installed over some radiant heat subflooring.

For hardwood flooring, this material is very easy to maintain, especially if you sweep it regularly in order to remove small bits of debris. Occasional damp mopping and cleaning with a hardwood floor cleaner that contains no wax or alkaline is also a good idea. 

If this sounds like a solid gameplan for you, you need to find a flooring retailer in the Portland area that carries EcoFusion bamboo. You won’t be disappointed with your choice, so don’t wait any longer. Bamboo flooring is just what you need to complete your home.

You can easily find EcoFusion flooring at a retailer near you by using our dealer locator.