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EcoFusion Bamboo Now Preferred Flooring for Homes and Offices

Bamboo flooring is fast becoming one of the most popular flooring choices for use in both homes and offices. EcoFusion manufactures bamboo and Strandwoven bamboo for dealers all over America, but particularly in San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles and other West Coast cities. Here are some interesting facts about bamboo and the benefits it provides as flooring materials:
Bamboo flooring is a truly ‘green’ material made from bamboo grass. It is a readily renewable material that grows in many worldwide locations. Since it is so easy to re-grow, bamboo is one of the most-eco-friendly materials on the planet, unlike trees that must be replanted and that take many years to become a new supply of wood. People in the East (notably Asia) have used bamboo for flooring and other applications for centuries. At EcoFusion, we have successfully combined ancient traditions with new technologies to produce some of the finest affordable flooring on the market today!

Bamboo flooring is beautiful and highly durable. Color fusion dye-infused Strandwoven bamboo is a version created by first dying the bamboo strands with a exclusive coloring process that uses all natural plant-based pigments. All of our bamboo materials are also manufactured using low-emitting materials, and all products eliminate the use of volatile organic compounds. These materials couldn’t be greener!  

EcoFusion bamboo products offer homeowners and business owners many benefits. For example, it can easily compete with costlier hardwood flooring in terms of elegance, warmth, style, sophistication, eco-friendliness and more. Durability is superb, since bamboo has a hardness rating that allows it to last longer than those with a lower rating. When properly installed, you can county upon many years of quality service.

If you would like to know more about our EcoFusion bamboo flooring systems, visit our website to use our dealer locator tool to find a store near to your location.