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EcoFusion Bamboo Flooring: The Right Choice for the Environment

Once again, Portland is leading the pack in sustainability when it hosted the first nationwide summit to discuss ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units).
The summit was held just this week at Portland State University: www.portlandtribune.com by Steve Law
ADUs, or Tiny Houses, are often built on empty spaces in people’s yards or garages, basements, attics, etc. The thought is that ADUs can promote affordable housing and environmental living sustainability, as well as alleviate homelessness.
Portland residents (or, really, anyone concerned about the environment) will certainly love bamboo flooring, because it’s an option that offers the best of both worlds. Bamboo has all the beauty, colors and patterns of hardwood; in fact, many mistakenly think it is wood. It is a stunning addition to your home.
At EcoFusion, we’re concerned about the environment too, and we control every aspect of the flooring process, from harvest to manufacturing. Our facility is ISO 9000 certified, an international standard of quality assurance and management. We control the quality from start to finish 

We make sure that our manufacturing process takes nothing from the earth; bamboo is 100 percent renewable, we cut everything by hand and every single bit of material is used up in our process, so there’d be no waste, and that makes us truly green.

Bamboo is a fast-growing, highly sustainable plant, so there’s no deforestation involved in this process.
Bamboo, in itself, is pretty tough, but if you have kids and pets and you want some extra assurance, go with Strandwoven bamboo. Strandwoven bamboo is 2X stronger than oak, it’s the construction that makes it act differently.
Let one of our dealers tell you why bamboo is the perfect choice; you can find one near you with our dealer locator.