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ECOFusion Accessories

A Reducer is used to transition the strand woven hardwood or bamboo flooring to a lower existing floor. A reducer slopes down towards the lower existing floor to create a nice smooth transition. It also protects the exposed edge of the flooring from being damaged.
The Stairnose is used for stairs. It is placed on the edge of each step and butts up right against the strand woven hardwood or bamboo flooring. It provides stability and a finished look for each step.
A Quarter Round is used to cover the edges of the flooring where it meets the wall. Since you leave a small gap between the flooring and wall for expansion purposes, the quarter round is hiding it. It is the final phase of installation and thus results in a finished look. It can also be used underneath cabinets in the kitchen. When installing, you want to nail the quarter round to the wall or cabinet and not the floor.
A T-Molding is used when you need to transition from the strand woven hardwood or bamboo flooring to an existing hard surface flooring that is the same height. Essentially, you are bridging the gap between two hard surface floors.
The Threshold Molding is typically used at exterior doorways as a transition between the strand woven hardwood or bamboo flooring and another floor such as high pile carpeting or tile. The Threshold molding is also commonly used interchangeably with a square nose molding to conceal the expansion space when the flooring runs up to a vertical object that cannot be framed by Wall Base or Quarter Round molding.
Overlap Reducers serve as a finishing transition for a floating strand woven hardwood or bamboo floor when a gradual transition between floors of different heights is necessary. We offer multiple sizes of Overlap Reducers for optimal floor-molding fit.