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Eco-friendly Home Renovations in Portland Celebrate with EcoFusion’s Strandwoven Bamboo

Portland residents celebrate! That iconic Portland sign at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall is now fully renovated and there’ll be a special re-lighting ceremony on August 16.  Read the story here: www.oregonlive.com by Olivia Dimmer

The Arlene Schnitzer Hall is part of the historic Paramount Theatre, which also houses the Portland Center for the Performing Arts, The Oregon Symphony, The Metropolitan Youth Symphony and the Portland Youth Philharmonic, as well as concert and film events.

Eco-friendly renovation is a priority for Portland residents, and EcoFusion gives a terrific option: Strandwoven bamboo.

Strandwoven bamboo has the same beautiful look of hardwood, but without the high price tag. It is available in various colors, and each plank has a different grain variation, so your floor will always be unique. It is versatile and looks as good in a modern loft-style home as it does in a contemporary kitchen, traditional living area, or in a vacation home, such as beach cottages or log cabins.  

Why is it so strong?  Unlike regular bamboo, which is cut into strips, Strandwoven bamboo is made by the fibers, which of course are first softened and then “woven.”  Because of this weaving, Strandwoven is several times stronger than other bamboo products.

It is made from the Moso species of bamboo, which is very renewable.  That in itself makes it environmentally-friendly, but there’s also less waste, because almost every bit of the bamboo is used in the manufacturing of the floor.

Want some interesting, fun decorating ideas with strandwoven bamboo

Jazz up your indoor stairs with some strandwoven bamboo and a tile backsplash.
Paint your kitchen cabinets to match your strandwoven bamboo floors. 
Pair it with white walls and furnishings to give an open, airy look.
Since bamboo looks exactly like hardwood, it can be paired with other hardwood, such as counters and cabinets. Use a hardwood that will provide a little contrast.

There are EcoFusion strandwoven bamboo distributors in the Portland area.  Click here to find a retailer near you.