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Comparing Flooring: Hardwood vs. Bamboo

Hardwood versus bamboo, San Francisco, CA homeowners want to know the differences. Are there any important differences, or are these flooring systems basically the same? Does it matter which one you choose for your home? These are just a few of the many questions that consumers ask each day as they go about the business of buying new flooring. At EcoFusion, we manufacture the best in bamboo flooring, and we have some answers to these questions that we feel might be useful to those looking for new flooring.

The answer to hardwood versus bamboo begins with discussing the source. It is common knowledge that hardwood flooring requires the cutting down of hardwood trees. In some cases, entire forests are felled to get the wood needed to supply the demand for traditional wood flooring. The removal of these trees, of course, also removes all the benefits we get from living timber and forests. It is also no secret that it takes decades, if not longer, for new trees to grow.

On the other hand, when it comes to bamboo, San Francisco, EcoFusion has developed manufacturing processes that allow us to use this easily renewable source to create flooring that is every bit as attractive as any hardwood you have ever seen. In fact, some of our flooring is so unique, that you have never seen anything like it before, and that is a fact. But, the important point here is that we use a renewable source, bamboo, that grows fast and on its own, and is very sustainable year in and year out.

Another benefit from the bamboo flooring that we make at EcoFusion, is that none of our flooring contains harmful chemicals and it does not give off VOC’s. Our manufacturing process uses the best standards and practices to achieve a flooring product that is safe and environmentally friendly. This is something hardwood manufacturers cannot say. When you buy our flooring from your local flooring store, you and your family are never at risk of harmful vapors or fumes.

Why not visit our website and learn more about the benefits of our flooring, and you can find a local dealer who carries our flooring as well. When it comes to bamboo, San Francisco, CA needs to know about EcoFusion.