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Choose bamboo flooring for its excellent features

Strand woven bamboo flooring with many excellent features

One of the most essential features you’ll find in bamboo flooring is the fact that it is highly ecofriendly. It’s fast-growing, extremely sustainable flooring that offers so much more as well.

It can be the perfect décor-matching piece to complete a new house build or be the upgrade you genuinely wanted in your home’s remodel. And there are so many options to choose from when you decide it’s time to start shopping.

Just check out this article that speaks to the environmentally sound products you can choose for your home.

“Why choose bamboo? Well, it doesn’t come from a forest. “There’s an environmentally friendly component to the material,” says Chris Nielsen, vice president of Amazon.com’s home and garden division. “Bamboo grows quickly, and harvesting doesn’t destroy the plant so it can continue to grow. I think that is appealing to consumers. It makes them feel more comfortable [SIC] with their purchase. What they’re buying is from sustainable material.”.”

Source: Elizabeth Jardina, East Bay Times

Why choose sustainable flooring in the first place?

Eco-friendly flooring is now more critical than ever, as we seek to utilize building materials that not only leave a smaller carbon footprint, but that also leaves room for recycling, once our use of the product is finished. Every day, countless pounds of used flooring finds its way to landfills all over the country.

When you utilize a material such as Strand Woven Bamboo, you can rest assured that the material is 100% recyclable once it’s no longer useful on your floors.

This floor covering contains no urea-formaldehyde and harbors no harmful VOCs that can create a poor air quality for your household to breathe. It’s also extremely stable, functional, and durable, giving you plenty of years of great use, even in the busiest homes, and even with pets and children.

Having all of these earth-friendly advantages at your fingertips still does not negate the amazing décor-matching properties you’ll find in this line of flooring. For instance, you can choose from wide color varieties, formats, and plank widths to create a fantastic match for any interior design scheme.

When you’re ready to consider bamboo flooring by EcoFusion for your own home, be sure to contact your local San Francisco, CA, flooring retailer for more information.