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Making your home eco-friendly is essential if you want to save valuable natural resources. Every little bit helps when diminishing the amount of water and energy we use. That doesn’t mean you have to live in a log cabin with no running water or electricity. You just have to get creative with the design. Check out these eco-friendly design tips for your home makeover that will save you money and save the planet.

Xeriscape the Yard

Why not reduce the size of your lawn and xeriscape the yard? That doesn’t mean you have to pull up every blade of grass and replace the lawn with cacti. But by adding more hardscaping and flower beds to your yard, you won’t have to spend as much time mowing or fertilizing. You’ll also be cutting back on the amount of water you use. Choose native plants already adapted to the local climate. Big berry manzanita and monkey flower will add color to your yard without much work or water. Add organic
mulch to keep your plants happy year-round.

Don’t forget about shade trees. The Texas umbrella tree or the golden medallion tree are two natives to consider planting on the side of your home that gets the most sun. They can lower the temperature of your home by as much as 5 degrees and provide windbreaks in the winter.

Use Plants as Natural Air Fresheners

Plants are also a great way to help purify the air within your home. Instead of using scented wax or chemicals air fresheners, consider indoor plants that clean the air naturally. Indoor plants can also provide considerable interest to a room and come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Hang plants in front of windows or add a few smaller plants along a windowsill. Not only are plants an eco-friendly option, but they also help to reduce tension and stress.

Install Low-Flow Utilities
There are enough products on the market now that choosing low-flow options for your toilets, sinks, and showers should be easy. Low-flow utilities cut down on the amount of water your household uses, and the amount of energy it takes to heat that water. Upgrading to new models will reduce your water consumption as well as the headaches an older model can bring with leaky pipes and maintenance issues.

Reduce Drafts
Another way to make your home eco-friendly? Seal drafty areas. Choosing energyefficient windows and doors will help keep the heat inside in the winter and prevent the cool air from escaping in the summer. Double-pane windows are standard, but triplepane options are also available.

Make Smart Selections
Choose furniture and building materials created from sustainable resources. So much raw material goes into building a house, it’s sometimes tempting to choose the cheapest options. But selecting reclaimed or recycled material is a great way to support the environment. Not only are strand bamboo wood and hickory allspice flooring natural, but they also add warmth and value to your home.

Clarence Luna is a freelance writer and former teacher who enjoys gardening and do-ityourself projects. His current goal: grow tomato plants in his garden as tall as his 6-foot
5-inch frame.

bamboo flooring

When creating the most remarkable looking floors with the very best benefits is important to you, Strand Woven Bamboo could be the material that brings everything together perfectly. From drawing in the colors and character of a room to offering a stable and functional surface for day to day living, this floor covering gives you all the very best.

Just consider this information we recently found on a website, talking about the amazing look that this floor covering has to offer.

“Bamboo flooring delivers a sleek, subtle, exotic look without forcing any sacrifice in practicality. Best of all, bamboo often costs less than traditional American hardwoods. For these reasons and many others, homeowners are increasingly choosing bamboo not for any single room in particular, but all around the house.”

Source: Jennifer Noonan, Bob Vila

Combining all the best flooring features

When you have the best materials, creating a gorgeous home design is simple. Strand Woven Bamboo works to provide all the best features, from formats that allow you to cater to both small and large rooms to colors that create mood and offer an excellent oasis at the end of a busy day.

In living rooms, you can choose the color that best matches your existing décor or start from scratch with a palette that will be perfect for any interior design basics. In kitchens, create a look that complements not only your color scheme, but your lighting, fixtures, and countertops, for a combination that’s sure to bring out the best in every feature.

In addition to looking great and blending well with such a variety of room designs, you’ll especially appreciate the eco-friendly characteristics of this material. Manufactured using Moso Bamboo and the best construction techniques, it still maintains the status of a rapidly renewable resource. Additionally, you can expect absolutely no urea-formaldehyde or harmful VOCs in this flooring, so your whole family will breathe easier.

If you’d like to take a look at or experience Strand Woven Bamboo for yourself, be sure to contact your local Portland flooring retailer and ask about products by EcoFusion.

bamboo flooring

Everyone wants to keep up with current styles and trends in their flooring materials, and Strand Woven Bamboo makes that easier than ever. Whether your focus is on format, design, or color, you’ll find these floors give you every tool to making staying current a distinct possibility. Just take a look at this write-up we found recently:

“Bamboo flooring is perfect for hardwood floor lovers. It resembles traditional plank wood flooring and expands and contracts less than hardwood. It’s also harder than oak and maple and extremely durable. The most robust flooring comes from mature plants that are six to seven years old. Bamboo comes in a variety of colors, ranging from natural light tones to darker carbonized browns. And you can opt to have it stained in practically every hue.”

SOURCE: Holly Welles

More than just a floor covering
Strand Woven Bamboo offers excellent material for nearly all your flooring needs. With a great variety of formats and design options, you’ll also find extensive colors as well. There’s no worry that you won’t be able to match your décor, as there is surely something here for everyone.

If you’re just building your look, you can choose to create a neutral base with lighter or darker colors. This will free you to create much more lively characteristics in your décor, wall colors, and more. If you prefer to do the opposite, you can choose a very interesting flooring pattern to offset a more neutral décor look, for a trendy, yet sophisticated look. Still again, it’s entirely possible to create a natural and rustic appearance as well. It’s all up to you!

Aside from stunning good looks, however, you’ll also have great peace of mind with these floors in place. They contain no urea-formaldehyde or harmful VOCs and yet offer excellent stability and functionality. We continue to hold the title of a rapidly renewable resource and offer an excellent material here for the eco-friendly homeowners.

If you’d like to take a look at Strand Woven Bamboo for yourself, be sure to contact your local San Francisco flooring retailer and ask about products by EcoFusion.

bamboo flooring

The amazing style and design you’ve needed in your home could be as close as Strand Woven Bamboo. Offering amazing appearance options like various stain color options, plank widths, and grain patterns, you’ll love the way it seems to fit every décor item in your home.

We recently found an article on The House Designers website that had this to say about bamboo flooring:

“Are you looking for a light, medium, or dark tone for your floor? What about something pristine or distressed? No matter the color or style you want, you’re sure to find at least a few bamboo options that you’ll love. Natural bamboo has a light golden color similar to some varieties of ash or white oak, so manufacturers can stain it to almost any hue.”

Source: Rachel Lyon, The House Designers

Choose what’s best for your home, Strand Woven Bamboo
Your flooring is one of the aspects of your home that gets used every single day and it catches the eye of everyone that enters your home. Making sure it suits your style, your design desires, and is a perfect match for your existing décor is important.

Pick rich, bold colors to match furniture or wall colors, or choose a neutral color that allows you to switch things up from time to time. Having the ability to change things without replacing your flooring isn’t nearly as hard as you might think, and this material makes it easy.

You can also use area rugs as accent pieces to spice up your stylish surroundings. The fact that these pieces are mobile means you can even move them from room to room any time you want to change your look.

For some homeowners, the eco-friendly characteristics of this material are extremely important. You don’t have to worry about off-gassing, as it includes no urea-formaldehyde or harmful VOCs. It’s also a rapidly renewable resource as well as the most stable material in flooring today.

If you’d like to experience Strand Woven Bamboo for yourself, be sure to call your local Portland flooring retailer and ask about products by EcoFusion.

bamboo flooring installation

There is no end to the amazing styles you can create with Strand Woven Bamboo. You’ll easily match a large variety of décor or create a brand new look around which you can build. Keeping floor colors neutral and simple can give you lots of freedom.

On the other hand, choosing something striking and unusual can give your home a uniqueness, not every homeowner has found. You can easily build your look, using a combination of beautiful colors, formats, and benefits.

We recently found an article that speaks to a variety of different looks you can achieve through bamboo flooring. Take a look for yourself:
“…bamboo flooring is available in smooth, antiqued, and distressed finishes. Smooth-finish bamboo flooring is manufactured and coated with layers of sealant, which results in a surface that doesn’t gather dust and can be easily cleaned. Hand-scraped and hand-sculpted bamboo flooring bring aged character underfoot, but it’s more costly than smooth-finished versions.”

Source: Ann Wilson, Better Homes & Gardens

Choose Strand Woven Bamboo for all your needs

No matter what kind of style you’re looking to create, it’s very likely you’ll find a perfect match in Strand Woven Bamboo. We offer beautiful light colors that are creamy or near-white, all the way to the darkest espresso browns and ebony blacks.

To bring those looks out, even more, you can choose from other appearance options such as brushed, hand-scraped, or matte finishes. Each one brings out a different characteristic, as do the apparent grain patterns.

But we know that looks aren’t everything. As an eco-friendly flooring company, we make sure our products are completely free of urea-formaldehyde and harmful VOCs. You should never have to worry about your family’s health because of the flooring you choose, and we make sure to help as much as possible.

Our products are also classified as rapidly renewable resources and can even be reused or recycled if you decide to switch to a different floor covering. At the same time, our products are
the most stable floor coverings in the industry.

If you’d like to experience Strand Woven Bamboo for yourself, be sure to contact your local Denver flooring retailer and ask for EcoFusion by name.