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Can Direct Sunlight Damage My Bamboo Flooring?

Spring is finally here, ushering in warmer weather and our long-lost friend, Mr. Sun. While we certainly don’t live without sunlight during autumn and winter months, warmer months do give us brighter days, warmer breezes and better moods. However, all that extra light can pose a problem when it comes to strand woven bamboo flooring. 

How so, you may ask? Well, along with its countless health benefits to humans, those intense UV rays are also capable of causing damage. With humans, such heat and light result in a tan, but with flooring, it results in fading caused by exposure to sunlight. Whether you’ve purchased strand woven bamboo with UV-protection, or another kind of protective topcoat, let’s explore how you can keep your surfacing from possible damage.
Add UV Film to Your Windows
One fairly inexpensive way to protect floors is to purchase UV film for your windows. Similar to sunglasses, they help block harmful rays that cause fading. Normally sold in long sheets, you’ll need to size your windows and cut appropriate pieces. However, if you’re not really into DIYs, you can easily hire a local contractor to install them for you.

Change Furniture Positions and Locations
From time to time, change the location of furniture, or relocate carpets and decor. Doing so helps to reduce the likelihood of sunspots and fading on floors.

Opt for Low-E Coated Glass or Laminated Windows 
Have you been thinking of changing your windows? Well, if so, your strand woven bamboo floors will thank you! Look into low-e coated glass or laminated windows for excellent protection, as they’re known to filter out up to 99% of harmful UV rays. Plus, you’ll save money in the long run, since laminated windows insulate your house.

Decorate With Window Treatments
With curtains, shades, and drapes, you can regulate how much light enters your house, thus controlling the direct sunlight reaching your floors. When you’re not at home, draw the curtains or close the blinds, especially if it’s going to be a sunny day. Furthermore, this is a smart way to keep your indoor environment cooler during the hotter months. 

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