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Busting Bamboo Myths

Over the last decade or so, bamboo has become an extremely hot commodity in the flooring market. The normalization of eco-friendly sentiment and the reflexive response to an ongoing economic pinch, has caused many people to wake up to the fact that bamboo flooring is the perfect option for coping with these societal factors.

As with any phenomenon that experiences a meteoric rise in the public consciousness, a lot of myths have sprung up around bamboo. Here at EcoFusion, we want our customers to make their choices armed with the most accurate information possible. So, we put together this list of persistent misconceptions about strand woven bamboo that we most frequently hear from our customers to help set the record straight once and for all:

1. Myth: Bamboo Lacks Options for Color

Most people seem to think of bamboo only comes in the standard, blondish wood color. The fact of the matter is that strand woven bamboo flooring comes in a wide array of colors and styles. Nearly any color you’d expect to find available in hardwood, is also available in strand woven bamboo.

Whether you like the classic blonde, or are looking for one of the more trendy styles such as gray flooring or dark black, bamboo has you covered!

2. Myth: Bamboo Has to Be Shipped From Overseas, So it’s not Actually Eco-Friendly

While it is true that the bamboo used in the production of flooring is shipped from overseas, the same can be said for nearly every type of wood flooring. Very little hardwood is harvested within the United States for use in hardwood flooring. 

When you consider the fact that nearly all wood flooring comes from somewhere else in the world, you realize that the bamboo used to make your floors is still a net gain from a carbon standpoint.

3. Myth: Bamboo is Less Stable Than Hardwood

People seem to think that strand woven bamboo is more susceptible to changes in temperature and humidity than hardwood. While it is true that bamboo is a natural product that can be influenced negatively by changes in humidity and temperature, the truth is that it isn’t any more or less a problem for bamboo than it is for hardwood. 

Want to Learn More?

If you are in the market for a new floor and are considering bamboo as an option, we would love for you to use our website’s dealer locator to find a location near you where you can learn more about this eco-friendly, low-cost flooring option.