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Perfectly maintained strand woven bamboo flooring

Strand Woven Bamboo by EcoFusion is a beautiful floor covering that is created using only 100% Moso Bamboo. Harvested at the perfect time, for optimum strength and stability, we then create the flooring with a cross-grain bamboo core that adds excellent stability and performance.

A good maintenance routine can not only keep your floors looking their best, but it will also assure that they remain in top quality condition for many years to come. Just take a look at what Hunker had to say about this floor covering:

“Though bamboo flooring is not new, recent improvements and advancements in the way it is manufactured have given it new life in the flooring industry. The introduction of strand-woven bamboo marked the biggest change. Strand-woven bamboo is extremely dense and can be produced to mimic nearly any style of wood flooring for a fraction of the price.”

Source: Kristina Barroso, Hunker

Maintenance information you should know

For most homeowners, it’s important to have a floor that shines. To avoid dullness, it’s important not to utilize vinegar, waxes, and furniture polish that are commonly used with other flooring choices.

There are several things you can do to maintain a shine that looks like new, and it all starts with the right approach with tools, cleaners, and methods. For instance, sweeping daily to get rid of dirt and debris is a great way to begin. Make sure your broom has soft bristles and is set apart for use indoors only.

Next, plan to soft mop every day as well. Wet mopping and deep cleaning can be carried out as needed. Once a week is a reasonable schedule unless daily wear or messes create a need sooner. And finally, carefully choose your cleaners. In addition to avoiding the cleaners mentioned above, refrain from products that contain oil as well.

It’s always best to choose a floor cleaner that is made especially for bamboo flooring. There are plenty from which to choose and can be used any time a deeper cleaning is necessary. You can find these quickly by contacting your bamboo flooring store. Between cleanings, you can utilize area rugs or runners to help trap and hold debris until you vacuum.

Strand Woven Bamboo is ready when you are

If you’re ready to experience Strand Woven Bamboo by bamboo retailer EcoFusion, be sure to contact your local flooring store. We’ll work together to make sure you have everything necessary for the care and maintenance of this flooring.

Strand woven bamboo flooring

When it’s time to maintain your Strand Woven Bamboo, you must do so as suggested for the best results. But that doesn’t mean the process has to be burdensome. Once you learn a few do’s and don’ts, you’ll find it an easy task that you’ll look forward to every day.

We recently came across a great bit of advice about the cleaning and care of bamboo flooring on Hunker:

“Bamboo floors are as easy to care for as any hardwood or other wood flooring. The most important thing is to sweep or vacuum frequently to remove dirt and grit that can scratch the floor’s finish. Bamboo floors seldom need deep cleaning (especially in living areas, not kitchens and bathrooms) and should not be wet-mopped or steam-cleaned.”

Source: Mark Johanson, Hunker

How care and maintenance protect your strand woven bamboo

There’s no doubt that once you have chosen the perfect flooring from your bamboo flooring store, you’ll want to make sure it looks great for years to come. Knowing how to do that is very important information.

For instance, you will want to know that you should never use waxes, polishes, or any cleaners that contain oil or acidic compounds. Instead, choose cleaners that have been selected for your product by manufacturers or a bamboo retailer you trust, such as EcoFusion.

Deep cleaning should only be carried out once a week, or if messes happen more frequently. Daily maintenance should include sweeping up any loose debris and running a dry mop over your floors, helping them to maintain a like-new look longer.

Strand woven bamboo care and maintenance information

Not only are these floors easy to maintain, but they also contain no harmful VOCs or urea-formaldehyde. That makes them an excellent choice for any eco-friendly homeowner, or anyone who prefers a healthier air quality in the home.

If you’re ready to experience this flooring material for yourself, be sure to contact your local Portland flooring retailer and ask for Strand Woven Bamboo by EcoFusion. Contact us to find out more about the care and maintenance of your bamboo flooring today.

Strand woven bamboo flooring

When you’re looking for flooring options to fit your particular requirements, you might be surprised to find that Strand Woven Bamboo is an excellent fit. Not only is it a gorgeous option with lots of décor-matching ability, but it’s also an eco-friendly flooring that touts a modern design appeal.

Just take a look at this recent article we found:

“Bamboo comes with many benefits, including strength and eco-friendliness. But it also offers an element of natural beauty to a building’s interior. The grainy texture and amber color easily complements [SIC] its surroundings. It also bends easily to form gently curved walls, tables, chairs, and other furniture, giving your space an artistic element.”

Source: Emily Folk, The Environmental Magazine

What it means to choose Strand Woven Bamboo

These floors add so much to your home, especially in the way of design opportunities. It’s more than just an environmentally sound option for your flooring. It’s also an artistic expression on a profound and personal level.

Choose from a wide variety of formats, widths, lengths, and color options to match your décor perfectly. At the same time, you can take advantage of a floor covering that is even harder than solid oak hardwood, for phenomenal durability, especially over time.

If sustainable flooring is important to you, these floors win again. We harvest our 100% American Moso Bamboo at five to six years of growth for the most significant level of durability. Then we manufacture a flooring product that is durable, viable, and can be reproduced very sustainably.

In the meantime, you won’t have to worry about degrading the air quality in your home. Our bamboo flooring contains no urea-formaldehyde and no harmful VOCs that can prove damaging in your home.

Instead, you’ll be left to enjoy the immense visuals, the worthwhile performance, and a lifespan that is covered with a 35-year transferrable warranty, especially when properly installed and maintained.

If you’d like to learn more about this material right away, just contact your local Seattle flooring retailer and ask about Strand Woven Bamboo by EcoFusion.

Sustainable strand woven bamboo flooring

Choosing an excellent floor covering brings you even more benefits when that floor covering is Strand Woven Bamboo. One the one hand, it’s an incredibly stylish choice, bringing your home to any design level you prefer.

Some homeowners love the way it mimics rustic, natural hardwood flooring, in both graining and stain color, while others love the fact that it can be the perfect backdrop for their contemporary design leanings. More so than that, it’s a beautifully eco-friendly flooring as well.

Just take a look at this article we found recently:

“Bamboo is a highly sustainable material because it is so fast-growing: some species of bamboo can grow by as much as a meter a day. As an agricultural crop, bamboo is very low-maintenance, requiring no pesticides and thriving even in poor soil. Thanks to its resilience, bamboo can be grown quickly and cheaply, making it an alternative to plastic for single-use products such as cutlery and many other products, from toothbrushes to flooring.”

Source: Anna Cottrell, Real Homes

Making your Strand Woven Bamboo count

Bamboo flooring gives you so many reasons to love it. With beautiful appearance options that include color, format, and graining variety, you’re sure to match whatever décor you currently have in place. But suitable flooring is never simply about looking good.

These floors will perform well in a variety of situations, especially with pets and children in the home. They are durable and, in many cases, are stronger than solid oak hardwood. When properly installed and maintained, you’ll see why these floors come with a 35-year transferrable warranty.

As you find out more about EcoFusion, you’ll see why our sustainable flooring options are so popular. Our bamboo floors are constructed of 100% American Moso bamboo, which is harvested at between five and six years of growth. This assures their stability and gives you plenty of confidence in their performance.

If you’d like to know more about EcoFusion’s Strand Woven Bamboo in the local Denver area, be sure to contact a local flooring retailer and ask for it by name.

Strand woven bamboo flooring

If you’re a first time home buyer, you might wonder if it’s worth it to purchase a fixer-upper, or whether building your own home provides more benefits. There are pros and cons with each option, of course, especially with the current trends in the market today. But we recently read an article on The Seattle Times that gives a bit more insight.

“When you’re feeling frustrated…remember your “why” – the reason you’re house hunting in the first place. Reconnecting to your desire to have a backyard for your kids, for example, can help you maintain momentum. New construction might sound intimidating and time-consuming, but unless you’re starting from scratch with an architect and a piece of land, it can be surprisingly straightforward and speedy.”

Source: Kate Wood, The Seattle Times

Adding Strand Woven Bamboo to any floor

When it comes to the flooring you choose, finding a product like Strand Woven Bamboo can make all the difference. Bamboo flooring not only looks great in a variety of spaces, but it performs exceptionally well at the same time.

For stunning visuals, consider the wide variety of colors, grain patterns, and formats that this bamboo flooring has to offer. You’re sure to find a perfect match for your wall color and furniture, with a variety of options on hand at all times.

For those who are concerned with eco-friendly flooring, this material gives you great peace of mind. You’ll find no urea-formaldehyde, no harmful VOCs, and absolutely no off-gassing. It’s also important to note that even after this floor covering is more out, it can easily be recycled to create other materials once its use as flooring is over.

As a material that is harvested from 100% Moso bamboo at about six years of growth, this sustainable flooring is classified as a rapidly renewable resource. As such, it provides peace of mind in knowing that you’re helping the environment by not stripping it often of resources. What’s more, it has a lifespan that averages 35 years, with a warranty to match.

If you’re interested in choosing Strand Woven Bamboo for your own home, contact your local Seattle flooring retailer and ask about products by EcoFusion. This may be the very flooring you’ve been waiting for all along.