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Innovation, creativity, thinking outside the box, are just a few ways to describe how Portland is beginning to answer its homeless women’s issues. With more homeless women in the city than ever before, something had to be done to increase shelter space. And, through some forward thinking, a part of this problem may be solved. In a recent article, we read about plans to use tiny homes, set up in small villages, as a possible way of helping these women. Here is the first part of this interesting story.

“PORTLAND, Ore. (PORTLAND TRIBUNE) — The future is looking mostly bright for Portland’s first village of transitional tiny homes for homeless women. A vote at a March 8 Kenton Neighborhood Association board meeting will take place to determine the project’s fate, since organizers don’t want to move forward without neighborhood support. Many organizations and the city have been working together on the Partners On Dwelling (POD) Initiative since last year.”

Source: www.koin.com

The story went on to say that, if approved, the homes will be in place by March.

At EcoFusion, we love to hear about innovation and creativity, as we have been using those qualities as the driving force behind our manufacturing of high-quality, sustainable flooring. Our commitment to producing the very best flooring that is made from renewable bamboo, is why EcoFusion has become the leader in environmentally friendly flooring in America. 

In our early days, we refused to believe that high-quality flooring could not be manufactured using green processes that did not pollute the areas around our facilities, and that did not require the cutting down of old-growth hardwood trees. By developing our own innovative processes, we were able to manufacture what we believe are the very best flooring systems in the world today. Again, our dedication to this worthy goal is why EcoFusion is now the leader in top-quality strand woven bamboo flooring.

Our stand woven bamboo flooring is available in variety of styles and color tones, and it is one of the hardest flooring systems on earth, giving it a very long lifespan.

If you would like to know where to find a dealer for our exceptional flooring, visit our website. And, if you would like to stock our strand woven bamboo flooring in your flooring outlet, information on that can be found at site as well. 

Visit our website and learn more about our wonderful flooring systems, and see for yourself why EcoFusion is leading the way in renewable flooring.

​According the report just released, Remodeling 2017 Cost vs. Value, it appears many areas will see faster cost returns

on certain remodeling projects. One of those areas is San Francisco. In fact, San Francisco has become one of the hottest real estates markets in America. This is just one of the reasons the city may reap big returns on remodeling projects. Here is the first part of the article that detailed this news.

​“Homeowners in the nation’s hottest real estate markets can expect to reap substantial returns on home-renovation projects that they undertake this year, with the majority of jobs in San Francisco and San Jose projected to earn back 100 percent of their costs.”

Source: www.blog.pacificunion.com

With this kind of positive news, many homeowners and builders will be thinking of making changes to their properties. One of the most important decisions these folks will have to make is what kind of flooring to install. At EcoFusion, we would invite investors and homeowners to consider bamboo flooring.

Why bamboo? To start with, our line of high-quality strand woven bamboo flooring is manufactured to very high standards that protect the environment at every step of processing. Rather than cutting down old-growth hardwood trees that take decades to re-grow, we use bamboo, which is a readily renewable grass. EcoFusion has become a leader in producing high-quality flooring without doing any damage at all to the environment.

Why bamboo? Our flooring is both beautiful and durable. Until you see our flooring lines, it may be difficult to realize just how beautiful our flooring is. Many of those who bought our flooring have raved over how wonderful our products are. But, they are just as amazed at how durable our flooring is. The strand woven bamboo flooring we sell is some of the hardest flooring on the market today. This means that it will last for a very long time.

Why bamboo? You may think our flooring would cost more than traditional hardwood flooring, but that is not true. Our flooring is priced about the same as what any quality hardwood flooring would cost you.

If you would like to know more about our bamboo flooring, simply visit our website and read more on why bamboo is one of the best materials to consider if you need new, high-quality flooring. Let us help you find a flooring retailer in your area that sells strand woven bamboo.

There are many answers to the question: Why EcoFusion? San Francisco, CA homeowners are always on the lookout for the best in flooring systems that provide beauty, durability, and, yet, are still Earth-friendly. For many, this leads them to our company, EcoFusion. But, there are some who are not familiar with us and our many flooring systems. It is beyond the scope of this article to go into all of the answers we provide to homeowners, but we can look into our engineered hardwood flooring at this time.

Engineered flooring systems have become incredibly popular all over America, and this includes San Francisco. There are good reasons for this, and its ability to be installed below grade is only one of those reasons. These systems are also very durable and stable, and that makes them a great choice for those who want the look and feel of real hardwood, but do not want some of the problems that come with owning solid hardwood flooring.

At EcoFusion, we have a wonderful selection of engineered flooring, and these systems fill a void that most other flooring companies have not addressed. For instance, we offer you flooring appearances that you will not find anywhere else. When you buy from EcoFusion, you can own flooring such as Black Forest, African Safari, Crushed Wheat, Sand Storm, and True Walnut to name but a few.

When you have options such as these, you can design any room or space to meet your individual décor needs. Just imagine being able to finally get that perfect look for your home or business. Our unique options are just one of the answers to the question: Why EcoFusion, San Francisco, CA?

Another answer to the question: Why EcoFusion? San Francisco, CA homeowners and business owners want value for their dollars. Some may think that our incredible engineered flooring will cost too much. This is not true. In fact, our prices are about the same as other types of engineered flooring. Even though you get more benefits, you do not have to pay more for those benefits.

If you would like more answers to the question: Why EcoFusion? Residents in San Francisco, CA, can visit our site and find a local retailer who can show you our great line of flooring.

​Our fair city has seen its fair share of bad weather lately, and it is not over yet. It seems that every day we hear about another system moving into our area, usually powerful enough to damage electric lines and water pipes. The latest news we just heard goes like this:

“Portlanders won’t see the snow storm that was expected Monday, but they could feel some of the coldest temperatures in three years, according to the National Weather Service. Roads in the southeastern suburbs could be slick with black ice. The weather forecast predicts low temperatures in the mid-teens Monday, with a high of 32. It should hover around the 20s Tuesday.”

Source: www.oregonlive.com

​This type of weather can also damage your flooring, and if that is the case with your home or business, we would ask that you consider looking into the new lines of EcoFusion strandwoven flooring systems. So, why Strandwoven? Many reasons, actually, and here are just a few of them.

Strandwoven bamboo flooring from EcoFusion is manufactured using bamboo grass, a readily available and renewable material that is processed in a very unique way by EcoFusion. Therefore, the resulting flooring is harder than most traditional hardwood floors. This added durability means that your new flooring will be able to stand up to the harsh Oregon winters for a much longer period of time. 

So, why Strandwoven? How about beauty and selection. Until you actually see these remarkable flooring systems, it can be difficult to appreciate just how beautiful they are. Also, EcoFusion has an incredible selection of flooring that you can choose from for your home or business. With options such as coffee bean, rye, wheat, carbonized, leather, and burlap (to name a few), you can see how exciting and unique these flooring systems are, and how they can turn any room into a breathtaking space.

And the last answer to Why Strandwoven?, for this article is cost. Many consumers believe that bamboo woven flooring will be expensive. This is not true. In fact, the cost of these flooring systems, even with all of their benefits, is about the same as you would pay for traditional quality hardwood flooring.

If you would like to know more about our products, visit the EcoFusion website where you can find information, as well as a local Portland vendor who carries our products. Why Strandwoven…because it is the best!

Have you been wondering why bamboo flooring is becoming so popular all across America? There are a lot of reasons why so many people are falling in love with these eco-friendly flooring systems from EcoFusion, and we want to discuss just a couple of them here.
Why bamboo flooring? Truly unique flooring options!

Have you ever wanted a truly unique looking flooring system? If so, EcoFusion has you covered. For instance, we offer flooring such as: coffee bean, carbonized, sarsaparilla, wheat, espresso, rye, steel, burlap, and leather, to name a few. Where else would you find such interesting and exciting types of flooring?

These systems are available in both residential and commercial applications, and are available in a variety of widths, making it very easy for you to get the perfect look that you want with your new flooring.

Please keep in mind that we do not use old growth trees to make our flooring systems. We use bamboo, which is a readily renewable grass. You never have to worry about the loss of forests when you choose our strand woven bamboo flooring systems.

Why bamboo flooring? Durable and tough!

Some consumers may be under the impression that bamboo flooring is soft and will not last. This, too, is not true. Our strand woven bamboo flooring is incredibly hard and will last for decades. In fact, its hardness factor is higher than many traditional hardwood floors. Hardness is important in that it gives consumers a good idea of how long a flooring system will last under normal conditions. A low rating simply cannot last as long as a system with a higher rating.

Why bamboo flooring? Not as expensive as you think!

Lastly, many consumers may think that because of all the work we do to produce these remarkable flooring systems, we charge high prices. Again, not true. In fact, when compared to quality traditional hardwood flooring, our prices are right in-line with other types of wood flooring. 

If you would like to know more about our products, visit our website where you can find a local flooring store that carries EcoFusion bamboo flooring. You can also get more answers to the question: Why bamboo flooring?