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Big Changes Coming for Landlords in Portland, Oregon

Landlords in Portland, Oregon are getting some help from an amendment added to a bill that will allow property owners to send out no-cause eviction notices, as long as they are sent out within the first six month of a tenant’s occupancy. This is aimed to help property owners (landlords) to get rid of bad tenants. There are other benefits to landlords in the bill as well. Here is short article that details some of the new changes.

“Oregon House passes bill to lift ban on rent control and stop no-cause evictions. The bill, House Bill 2004, narrowly passed in the House Tuesday with a vote of 31-27. If passed by the Democratically-controlled Senate, no-cause evictions would no longer be allowed in Oregon. Some exemptions are included, of course.”

Source: www.oregonbusiness.com

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