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Bamboo: The Eco-Friendly Flooring

Flooring is essential to any home renovation project. Most types of flooring are made from a

rtificial materials such as plastics, or man-made fibers that require petroleum based chemicals to create, and that is a nightmare to any consumer who is trying to reduce his carbon footprint. Therefore, those customers tend to gravitate toward using natural fibers like wood or natural stone flooring products. Those products are certainly reducing the carbon footprint of the environmentally conscious consumer, but they are a bit lacking in sustainability.

​Wool is certainly sustainable, but the factories processing the wool can sometimes be less than efficient in their use of chemicals and power. Stone can be replaced over millions of years of plate tectonics, but that kind of kills the sustainability factor. Wood can be replaced after growing trees for 30 to 50 years, so the sustainability factor is a bit slow on that type of material. Fortunately, there is bamboo!

Bamboo flooring for your Seattle home is made from the fastest growing plant on the Earth. From seedling to maturity, bamboo grows in only 3 to 5 years. If harvested properly, the same stalk can be grown to maturity almost infinitely. That is solid sustainability. Once harvested, bamboo flooring for your Seattle home is just a matter of flattening the stalk, layering the flattened pieces together, bonding them to form a thick block, and cutting them to form a plank that can be set in place as flooring.

Bamboo flooring for your Seattle home comes in a variety of colors, from the traditional green stalks to reds, tans and even white. Bamboo flooring is as versatile as any other flooring, and will give you the durability and beauty that you are looking for. To find bamboo flooring in the Seattle area just go to our dealer locator seek out a retailer in your area. You can have all of the beauty of natural flooring in your home, while maintaining a clear conscience, knowing you have done your part to help reduce negative factors on the environment. You’ll be glad you looked into bamboo as an eco-friendly flooring opportunity.