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Bamboo Flooring: Inspired by Nature, Durable, Eco-friendly

​Here’s the story about a San Francisco designer who says she’s “inspired by nature on every level.”  Her gorgeous Berkeley Mediterranean-style home (circa 1926) is filled with furnishings and accessories she finds mostly at flea markets and estate sales: www.sfchronicle.com by Mandy Bebehani.

She says she can be inspired by something as simple as the shape of a leaf, a tree branch, or even a color palette, and she uses that inspiration to design furniture, wall coverings, bedding, etc.

Bamboo is also inspired by nature. A beautiful, durable, and eco-friendly product, many think bamboo flooring is hardwood, but it actually comes from a plant, the fast-growing bamboo plant.  Because bamboo is so fast-growing and sustainable, it is eco-friendly: No trees have ever been cut down to produce it. It is also moisture-resistant 

Bamboo, in itself, is durable, but if you want an even tougher version, go with Strandwoven bamboo that can be purchased through an EcoFusion San Francisco distributor.

Strandwoven bamboo is even tougher than oak, so it can handle heavily-trafficked areas and large families with kids and pets. You don’t need to worry if the floors get scuffed or scratched, because most of the marks will just disappear after mopping. However for deeper scratches and dents, talk to your flooring expert.

Here’s what makes Strandwoven bamboo so tough: The bamboo is first soaked to soften the fibers, then they are “woven.”  Then an eco-friendly (no VOCs!) adhesive is used, then it’s all pressed together and cut into planks. There’s little waste, and that’s another reason it’s considered to be eco-friendly.

Bamboo is easy to maintain. Just sweep, vacuum or damp-mop, wipe up spills immediately and, for more thorough cleaning, use a gentle, non-alkaline, non-abrasive soap; it’s always a good idea to check with the manufacturer first.  Avoid scouring pads and powders and those waxy, shine-promoting cleaners. Although bamboo is more moisture-resistant than hardwood, it can warp if it’s exposed to too much water, so avoid excess water in your cleaning.

Many mistakenly think bamboo can’t be refinished, but it can. Check with your flooring retailer.

For an EcoFusion San Francisco distributor near you, click here.