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Bamboo Flooring: Gorgeous and Eco-Friendly

No wonder San Francisco homeowners love bamboo flooring. Breathtaking!

Mother Nature put on a dramatic all-natural fireworks show, what with cloud-to-ground lightening that lit up the San Francisco skies last week: www.sfgate.com by Amy Graff.

The lightning strikes were the result of a series of thunderstorms.

Natural is hardly bland, and that goes for bamboo flooring. It’s gorgeous, affordable and environmentally-friendly.  A lot of people mistakenly think bamboo is a wood and, although it looks like hardwood, it is a plant: The bamboo plant, is a fast-growing, sustainable plant. 

There are two types of bamboo flooring:

Regular bamboo, which comes from multiple species.
Strandwoven bamboo which is ultra-durable. It comes from the Moso bamboo plant and, unlike the vertical strands of regular bamboo, these fibers are first softened with water, then woven (it’s the criss-cross action that makes it so stable) and finished with a veneer. It’s the strongest type of bamboo and is two to three times stronger than oak.

Both Traditional Strip and Strandwoven bamboo (although the latter is ultra-strong; see above paragraph) flooring are considered durable and both are easy to clean and water-resistant. 

The only place you want to buy your bamboo flooring is at EcoFusion bamboo in San Francisco.  (Find a dealer directory at the end of this post.)

Here are some decorating benefits of bamboo:

As we mentioned, bamboo looks like hardwood and that similarity means it can be easily paired with other wood features, such as an oak bookcase.
Bamboo is versatile, with many styles and colors, so it will fit into any atmosphere, from traditional to contemporary and even to “shabby chic.”
You can create contrast, as well as an open, airy space. Many love the lighter bamboos and will pair them with even lighter (maybe even white) walls and furniture. This give the room an energetic, airy feeling that is also contrasted with accessories such as colorful area rugs and tablecloths..

For an EcoFusion dealer the San Francisco area, click here.