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Bamboo flooring colors and style defined

bamboo flooring

The color of your brand new Strand Woven Bamboo is as important as the format, board sizes, and ratings for durability. Why? Because you most likely have an entire home full of existing decor that must be matched. What’s more, you want to match it in a way that doesn’t seem strained or that creates a great deal of conflict for the space. The good news is that there are plenty of color options to choose from in bamboo flooring. Especially the kind you’ll find from EcoFusion. Just take a look at this snippet from a recent article we read.

“Bamboo is a naturally light colored material. When bamboo flooring first came on the market, it was generally available in just two colors: natural and carbonized. Carbonized bamboo has a medium honey-brown color. The term “carbonized” refers to the heating process by which the darker color is achieved. The natural sugars in bamboo, when heated, darken given [SIC] the wood a consistent and permanent golden brown color.”

Source: Floor Advisor, flooradvisor.com

Strand Woven Bamboo has some of the most appealing colors in the flooring industry. This means that there are no interior design schemes or current decor that isn’t easily matched in this material. From light blondes to espresso coffee colors and darker, you’ll have the pleasure of very accurately matching your surroundings for a wonderful continuity throughout your home. Even if you choose different colors for different areas of your home, you can still manage to blend them in such a way that it creates an amazing flow and design scheme.

For designers and homeowners alike, Strand Woven Bamboo creates an easy way to get the very best look out of your new flooring. When you pair that elegance and timelessness with the eco-friendly attributes of this material, as well as the stability and durability it offers, you can’t help but create a literal oasis inside your own home.

This material is considered a sustainable resource, as bamboo grows very quickly. You can even custom order to your specifics, with none of our materials containing any trace of urea formaldehyde or harmful VOC’s. To experience this flooring for yourself, be sure to contact your local flooring retailer and ask about Strand Woven Bamboo by EcoFusion.