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Bamboo Flooring:  A Popular Choice Among Homeowners

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Bamboo is will be around a long time, because it has a similar look and feel to one of flooring’s classics, wood. Unlike wood, however, bamboo comes from the fast-growing bamboo plant; the plant takes only three to five years to reach maturity, as opposed to trees, which can take up to 20 years, so it is capturing the interest of environmentalists.

Bamboo adds a stunning look to any room, and comes in a variety of colors and patterns. It’s durable, easy to care for, and moisture-resistant; just sweep, vacuum or damp-mop. If you need more thorough cleaning, avoid those waxy, shine-promoting soaps (preferably, use one that’s manufacturer-approved). While it’s moisture-resistant, please do remember it’s still a natural product, so avoid excess water, as it can warp the floor.

Contrary to what some may think, bamboo floors can be refinished. Here’s where bamboo and hardwood flooring part ways, however:

Bamboo flooring by EcoFusion is a completely, 100% green product.

While modern technology has certainly increased the strength of bamboo flooring, you may want some extra protection by going with Strandwoven bamboo, also manufactured by EcoFusion. It’s an ultra-tough material that is three times stronger than other bamboo and two times stronger than oak.

The combination of style, durability easy maintenance and eco-friendliness is, more and more, making EcoFusion bamboo flooring a preferred choice in home construction. To learn more about EcoFusion bamboo flooring, contact a dealer near you.