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Bada Bing Bada Bamboo!

It’s time to redo the flooring in your Los Angeles home, and you have been through all of the products most people gravitate toward, but you are looking for something just a little different. You want versatility, durability and beauty, but you also want it to be environmentally friendly, while not costing an arm and a leg like so many green products do nowadays. Fortunately for you, there is a product that meets all of these requirements: Bamboo.
Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world, though many people think of it as wood, it is actually a grass that reaches maturity in 3 to 5 years and can be safely harvested without destroying the root system.

Therefore, it will be able to grow to maturity again. This creates a sustainability that wood flooring doesn’t have. Once bamboo is harvested, it can be made into a variety of products including flooring. Bamboo flooring has all of the durability and beauty of hardwood or engineered hardwood, but doesn’t require taking down a majestic tree that has been growing for half a century.

Bamboo flooring in Los Angeles is a welcome addition to any home. It comes in a variety of colors from rich browns to dark hues and even white, and has a unique look. It can be formed as a plank pressed from a single stalk that can be nailed or glued down. Or, it can be an engineered product made from several layers of bamboo that are pressed together with resin to form a block that is sawed into planks and laser cut to form a tongue and groove plank. The tongue and groove planks are then able to be clicked together to form a floating floor.

Finding bamboo flooring in Los Angeles is actually easy. Just visit EcoFusion’s website (ecofusionflooring.com) and then visit a retailer who carries their products. Bamboo flooring in your Los Angeles, home will give you all of the beauty and warmth you can desire, while allowing you to sleep well, knowing you have been environmentally friendly in the process.