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Avoid Problems With Bamboo Flooring Through Proper Installation

At EcoFusion, we manufacturer some of the best strand woven bamboo flooring on the market today. Even so, many homeowners are reporting problems with their new bamboo flooring, and we would like to share a few tips with you on how to avoid those issues. Today, we will look at installation mistakes:

In many ways, strand woven bamboo flooring will react much like a solid hardwood floor. Not understanding this important concept has led some installers to make basic mistakes when they are installing bamboo flooring. Some of the problems that consumers report include buckling of the floor planks when using either the glue down or floating installation methods. In the case of glue down, each piece of the flooring system will react independently. For floating floors, the unit needs to move as a whole, and herein lies the problem.

Many of those who are installing bamboo flooring are using the same techniques one uses when installing engineered hardwood flooring, meaning they are not leaving enough room for expansion and contraction of the flooring as the seasons change. This expansion room is found around the perimeter walls, and at places (such as door jambs) where obstruction can occur. The result is the same as happens with solid hardwood: Buckling or separation.

There are two bits of good news, however. The first is that learning the proper ways to install strand woven bamboo is easy, if one simply takes the time to read the literature provided with the flooring. The second bit of good news is that even if problems do arise, fixing the problem is straightforward: Allow more room, undercut obstructions, and use T-molding when it is called for, undercutting it as well if necessary.

At EcoFusion, our flooring is as good as it gets. It is eco-friendly, durable, very attractive, and cost effective. When installed properly, it will last for decades. To find a local dealer who carries our bamboo flooring, visit our website and use our dealer locator tool.