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Are You Familiar with Bamboo Flooring, Seattle?

Did you know that when it comes to finding the best in bamboo flooring, Seattle homeowners have been turning to EcoFusion, and its line of quality flooring. There are some good reasons for this, and we think many of you would enjoy knowing more about them. So, here we go.

The main goal behind EcoFusion is providing consumers with flooring options that are both very durable and eco-friendly. We have been able to achieve this goal by making bamboo flooring systems in such a way that we are in control of the entire process. From raw material sourcing to completing the production of the flooring, we control each step, and that allows us to provide consumers with some of the best bamboo flooring Seattle homeowners will find on the market today. 

Our bamboo flooring begins by shredding bamboo stalks into strands. We dry these strands and then form them into blocks. We never add harmful VOC’s, nor do we use any type of urea-formaldehyde. These blocks are then dried again and are finally milled into our famous flooring planks. These quality planks are suitable for use in all climates within the US. There is, of course, more to know about our processing, and you can read about this on our website. 

Our website is also where you will find your local retailer for EcoFusion bamboo flooring. Seattle has long been interested in purchasing products that are eco-friendly, and now you have outlets that carry our high-quality flooring. The website is also the place for retailers to visit, if they wish to add our flooring systems to their inventory.

One important thing to know about our flooring is that it is beautiful. There is simply no other way of putting it. When you visit our site, take a few moments to check out the many options you have available. We are confident that you will be amazed at just how elegant and impressive our flooring systems are to the eye. When you have our flooring installed in your home, you will be thrilled with how it looks and feels.

Visit our site today, and learn why when it comes to high-quality bamboo flooring, Seattle is now turning to EcoFusion.