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Are All Bamboo Flooring Manufacturers the Same?

Bamboo and strand woven bamboo flooring are becoming more and more popular in America. Nevertheless, homeowners often wonder if all bamboo or strand woven bamboo flooring is made the same. Are there set standards in quality that all manufacturers must follow when they are producing their flooring products? The answer is no. The quality level of bamboo flooring varies a great deal from one manufacturer to the next, and there are no current standards that can be applied across the board, because much of the bamboo flooring found in America comes from China, where quality standards are up to the owner of the factory and they are dependent, in many ways, on the raw materials that are used, and how those materials are processed.
When American homeowners and business owners are interested in bamboo flooring, or strand woven bamboo flooring, it is crucial that they only buy from companies that have a proven track record for manufacturing the best flooring possible. One company that produces the very best in flooring is EcoFusion.

Unlike many bamboo flooring manufacturers that do not want to showcase their manufacturing processes, we have ours posted on our website where anyone can read them. We share this information with consumers not because we have to, but because we want to. We are proud of our manufacturing process, our respect for the environment, our dedication to keeping harmful chemicals out of our flooring systems and the environment, and our ability to create some of the most beautiful flooring on the market today.

If you are considering new strand woven bamboo flooring, we invite you to visit our site and read about our processes. You can also find a local dealer that carries our remarkable flooring, and if you are a dealer, you can also find full contact details and information on how you, too, can carry our bamboo flooring systems.