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After all these years, bamboo flooring is still a great idea

Once upon a time, the idea of bamboo flooring was fresh and new. There were both loyal fans and skeptics, but in reality, time always tells the true story. Over the years, this floor covering has been shown to be trustworthy, versatile, a great investment, and a greener building option than many other materials. More than ten years ago, The New York Times took a deeper look at the trend, wondering if it would be all that it was expected to be, and we’re going to revisit that here.

“There are plenty of fads in the design world but bamboo flooring seems different. It is increasingly being used in both remodeling and new construction because it makes practical sense. Bamboo is popular with some designers because of its sleek appearance. It is “more subtle, less ‘knotty’” than other wood, said Roger Ferris, an architect in Westport, Conn. “…That makes it really suitable for contemporary and modern design schemes.”

Source: Stephen Milioti, The New York Times

These days, Strand Woven Bamboo has come to the forefront in flooring trends that can help design the perfect look for your home. Available in an extensive variety of hues, widths, and specific benefits, you’ll find it an absolute pleasure from the moment you take it into consideration.

EcoFusion helps to set Strand Woven Bamboo apart from other materials. We offer specifics that will be of great importance to you, both from a designing aspect as well as a common sense approach. For instance, we use 100% Moso bamboo that is harvested at five to six years of growth. This provides the ideal strength for your flooring while a cross-grain bamboo core offers excellent stability and performance in a variety of settings.

Strand Woven Bamboo offers a way to design the floor of your dreams, in colors that will amaze your guests. At the same time, you’ll find no harmful VOC’s or urea formaldehyde in our products, for a peace of mind that is so important to homeowners today. For more information about this floor covering, and how you can take advantage of the limitless design options available to you, contact a local flooring retailer today. Ask about EcoFusion’s products and find out how you can have them installed in your own home.