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Who We Are

EcoFusion is an aptly named and dynamic new line of flooring. EcoFusion flooring products blend renewable and recyclable products from the earth and “fuse” them into innovative flooring solutions for the home. We take products such as renewable bamboo and recycled hardwood scraps from furniture factories and turn them into beautiful flooring fashion.

We developed the EcoFusion line of products in an effort to increase the awareness and advantages of strandwoven and compressed wood and bamboo products. We hope to provide a better opportunity for consumers throughout North America to consider these unique strand woven flooring products when choosing flooring products for the home or business.

We hope that when you compare the attributes of any other flooring brand on the market to the EcoFusion flooring products that you will choose to “fuse” your home with our unique brand. We invite you to browse the entire selection of EcoFusion products on-line and hope that you will find a color palette that brings innovative and earth-friendly fashion to your home.