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6 Ways to Give Your Denver Home a Summer Refresh

Summer is a carefree time for relaxing. And wouldn’t you love to do that in a home that feels new? Here are six ideas for refreshing your home, just in time for summer socializing.

1. Replace the Flooring

bamboo flooring

If you want to really see a change, replace the flooring in your home. Re-doing a room or two will make a huge difference in how it looks. Pull up stained, worn-down carpet and put down something cooler. It may be just what you need for that summer refresh! You could go with tile, vinyl or laminate but if you’re looking for durable and eco-friendly, give bamboo a try. Bamboo floors come from materials that rapidly renew theselves every five to six years, compared to a cycle of 30 years or more for traditional hardwoods. They’re long-lasting and come in a variety of colors.
2. Paint
Painting is a do-it-yourself task that’s fairly simple. You don’t have to take on the entire house. Instead, choose one room and brighten it up. If you’re entertaining a lot this summer, paint the living room, dining room or kitchen so your guests can enjoy the new look. Use a lighter, summer shade like light yellow or bright white. Doing it yourself saves you hundreds of dollars over hiring a painter. If you’re not up to painting an entire room, paint or refinish a few pieces of furniture, like a table, chairs or cabinets.

3. Bring in Plants and Flowers

Adding leafy green plants and vivid flowers brings a summer feel to your home’s interior. Create your own arrangements with fresh flowers. Lavender, zinnias, blue flax and hummingbird trumpet grow well in our Denver climate and look beautiful in your home. You can also add living accents to your rooms with potted plants. Spread them out on tables, counters and window sills And don’t forget to use fruits and vegetables as decor. Peaches, tomatoes or anything that doesn’t need to be refrigerated add color and fragrance to a room. Pop them in a pretty bowl or basket for a summer-perfect look.

4. Deep Clean
It sounds like a no-brainer but cleaning your house — really cleaning it — will freshen it right up. First, declutter. Get rid of everything you no longer need. Pack and put away decor items used over the winter and spring. Then, start cleaning! Use a damp cloth on your blinds and ceiling fans. Clean out the refrigerator and wipe down all kitchen cabinets. Vacuum all carpets. Wash the rugs. Use a dust mop on hardwood floors and a mop on tile. Dust light fixtures or take them down and wash them, if needed, and replace broken lightbulbs. And wash the windows, letting more sunlight into the room. Cleaning your home not only makes you more likely to have people over during the summer, it also brightens your mood and helps you relax.

5. Change It Up
If you don’t have time to do much with your home, change what you have. Freshen up the look by rearranging the furniture. Swap the location of the sofa and the recliner. Try it several ways and choose the look that makes the room appear larger. Moving furniture closer to the walls can help accomplish that. Move the TV. Add a throw rug or coffee table. Take older pieces out and put them in storage or set them up in a different room. You can freshen your home’s design simply by using what you have and lift your spirits, as well.

6. Spruce Up the Landscape

While you’re refreshing the inside of your home, don’t forget the outside! Cut away dead tree branches. Prune shrubs and bushes that frame your house. Cut grass and weeds away from your A/C unit. Clip off vines that are growing on the house, as they can trap moisture against the building and weaken the mortar between bricks. If you like the look of vines, put up a trellis where they can grow. Add fresh mulch to flower beds, and place some fresh edging around the border. Of course, your lawn is the biggest eye-catcher in your yard. Keep it watered and mowed. Professional lawn care providers can aerate and fertilize so it’s lush and green and perfect for outdoor parties all summer long.

Meredith Hale is a gardening and landscape writer, and design addict. She has coordinated the design on many house flipping projects, admitting that her favorite part is creating inspired outdoor spaces.